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Straight after Donald Trump winning the presidential election thousands of people all over the US took to the streets protesting against sexism, racism and classwar from above. In Berlin people protested as well last Saturday: „Pussy Grabs Back“ brought appr. 200 shocked and angry protesters onto Neukölln’s Hermannplatz, where lots of opinions and statements were exchanged. People encouraged each other for the long and serious fight ahead. It all began with love, though …

Mumia Abu-Jamal sumarizes the Trump victory in a piece called „Shock And Awe“. We also play a conversation with him and Prison Radio producer Noelle Hanrahan called „The Morning After“.

On the web there are videos calling to protest and disrupt life as we know it on January 20, 2017 – the day of the inaugeration of Donald Trump in Washington DC. The #DisruptJ20 is hotly debated amongst people being pro and contra this call to action. #DisruptJ20 projects a liberated society as an answer to the wasteland, Trump and corporate America are about to unleash on the marginalized parts of US society.

podcast here

Our usual colums such as „Demoticker“ and „Veranstaltungshinweise“ are not on the show this time, but you can look up lots of Berlin’s underground events here


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Radio Aktiv Berlin sendet seit den 1990er Jahren, derzeit 2 - 3 mal im Monat. Schwerpunkt sind dabei die Unterstützung von weltweiten Gefangenenkämpfen und politisch/soziale Auseinandersetzungen in Berlin. Standardrubriken in (fast) jeder Sendung sind aktuelle Kolumnen von Mumia Abu-Jamal, Demoticker und Veranstaltungshinweise. Dazu kommen O-Ton-Berichte von Berlins Straßen und ausgesuchte Radaumusik unserer Moderator*innen.

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